• *The conceptual drawing of completion shown has been constructed based on the building blueprints and will differ in terms of actual appearance. There are facilities and equipment that exist which have not been reproduced in the rendering such as rain gutters, air conditioner outdoor units, water heaters and TV antennae. The greenery shown also has not been rendered with the assumption of a particular season or to show a particular state of appearance at the time of move-in.
  • *The conceptual map of the vicinity constitutes a map illustration, meaning that there will be somewhat of a difference in terms of actual appearance.
  • *The photograph shown was produced by adding CG processing to a panorama photograph taken facing the Roppongi area from an on-site height equivalent to the seventh floor of the building. This means that the actual appearance will differ. The photograph does not constitute a guarantee as to the future of this view or with respect to other elements.
  • *This photograph was taken in April 2016.
  • *The distances shown are approximate map-based calculations from the site. Minutes spent walking are calculated on a basis of 80 m walked per minute while rounding up to the nearest whole number.